Another Easy Way To Get Hugh Traffic & Increase Adsense + Amazon Earnings for Free ..!

| Monday, December 15, 2008

Before you judge this post xD, i just want to let you know that this post is my first post that i write it my self, not like my other post that almost all by copying from other website content. And forgive my poor english. Also, this post isn't like 'tips from expert' post like other blog/website. This is just my thought that come from what i've read/know from searching internet/found something interesting on the net. And I try to practising NALO : 'No Action Learn Only' that we must avoid. Before this i'm just so afraid to make a posting in my blog (in english); because maybe i will do a lot of mistake in my post especially about my poor english. But now i try to make posting; beside if i make mistake; this is my blog right?! (^_^). So please be patient with it!. Haha... i feel so funny about it...Hah i don't care.

Ok, i like to post about traffic. When i'm searching the net in my point to find how to increase my poor photoblog traffic , although this blog more poor in traffic ehehe.. i'm begin learning that backlink from another website/blog is very important thing. And one way how to get backlink is by put our blog/link to social bookmarking. And i began to look social bookmarking to put my blog/link in it. Here we go.....

Everyone know it that traffic is the key to earn money from almost everything whatever you do by doing online business. I found one website by a chance. It call YouSayToo this website is very interesting. Here we can gain traffic to our blog by doing posting and upload photo too. By posting and upload photo, other people will read/view it and know our blog;visit our blog, that's traffic. We gain free backlink too from this website. And more exciting about this website is, in our posting there are adsense and amazon ad, if people click that ad we earn revenue from that, shared by YouSayToo. We can put our adsense an amazon code. And you can gather together all your blog here and gain benefit from it.

By joining YouSayToo we can :
* get exra revenues
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* gather your blogs in one place
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To gain easy way to get more traffic and back link for free, also can increase Adsense/Amazon earning from blog, just follow easy step below:

1. Join for free with this website : click here

2. Login to your YouSayToo account than Add Your Blog:

  • Click at “Add Your Blog” in yousaytoo login area
  • First add your yousaytoo link to your own blog, for example add at to your “Blogroll
  • In member area enter your own blog url and rss url than click “Submit
  • Done….. You will get 2 backlink, your blog content will get more exposure and auto detect by YouSayToo
  • Add your adsense Id & Amazon Id to your YouSayToo profile to earn more with revenue sharing

3. Invite friends and get more traffic

4. Post articles, upload photo, comment, search and add more friends to get more exposure to your profile and blog.

That's It....Just click here to start

Ps : This is my first post on YouSayToo if you wan't to take a look. Thank you.